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The cost of waste management 

The cost of waste management

Information to our wholesale

Registration number at the Polish Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection:  E0005718Z

The binding laws

The Act on waste electrical and electronic equipment of July 29, 2005 (Journal of Laws No. 180, items 1494 and 1495). 

The Act on waste batteries and accumulators of April 24, 2009 (Journal of Laws No. 79, item 666).

The cost of waste management is mentioned in sales documents and included in the product price.

The information on the prohibition of putting waste equipment together with other waste as well as an explanation of the meaning of the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol and of the potential effects on the environment and on human health resulting from the presence of dangerous substances in such equipment.

The “crossed-out wheeled bin” symbol informs that it is forbidden to put waste electrical and electronic equipment together with other waste, used equipment shall be collected in a selective manner. A user is obliged to take the waste equipment to a designated collection facility in order to allow for its recycling and recovery as uncontrolled release of dangerous substances present in electrical and electronic equipment to the environment may become a source of threat to human and animal health and it may cause long-term negative changes in the natural environment.

A system for the collection of waste equipment

The system for the collection of waste equipment conforms to the legal norms in force on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Collection facilities for waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators

The waste equipment, batteries or accumulators can be returned at the customer’s own expense after sending an email to:

annapol@annapol.com annapol@annapol.pl or in person

F.H.U. Annapol Mariusz Kamiński

Warehouse Car Audio

ul. Jagiellońska 15

41-902 Bytom

phone +48 32 3881228

phone/fax +48 32 3881222



The role of households

Households significantly contribute to reuse and recovery, including recycling, of the used electrical equipment.
Observing the rules of selective equipment collection should ensure an appropriate level of protection of human health and natural environment.

Information on appropriate conduct at disposal of electrical and electronic equipment

The “crossed-out wheeled bin” symbol placed on our products informs that it is forbidden to throw away unusable electrical and electronic equipment together with household waste.

The appropriate conduct at the necessity of disposal or recycling of equipment or components means their return to a collection facility where they will be received free of charge. 

Appropriate disposal of equipment allows for preservation of the Earth’s natural resources for longer and prevents degradation of the natural environment. The information on equipment collection facilities is issued by the competent local authorities. Inappropriate waste disposal carries penalties provided for by the local law in force.

Environmental education

From now on, you should never put any batteries in a waste bin!

All batteries and accumulators left in a bin, in the forest or in the meadow pose a threat to the environment. One silver button battery may contaminate 1 m3 of soil or poison 400 litres of water and produce considerable ecological changes in them.

After using each battery or accumulator, throw them away in a special container marked “WASTE BATTERIES”.

If you decide to collect used batteries and take them to one of selective-collection facilities, you protect the natural environment for you and for future generations.

Remember that your old damaged equipment does not have to be taken to a landfill site. Return it to a waste equipment collection facility.

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